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What makes us stand out?


Horse Exercise Specialists

Whatever we do, we want to do properly! Becoming specialists in horse walker production has been the result. We focus on development and improvements daily. Tested, certified and well-engineered products are the end result.

We know what we are talking about. We search for the best solution for each of our clients.

Metal Craftsmanship

Loyal and trained colleagues are the foundation of our company and our most precious asset. We manufac-ture all types of horse walkers with modern equipment and professional know-how in our production facili-ties. Our colleagues participate in regular advanced training and continuous certifications. Our company regularly takes on trainees and this ensures the needed future manpower. We are members of the Chamber of Commerce as well as a certified professional welding company.

Everything from one Source

Our decision to keep everything under one roof has been proven to be correct. Short and direct lines of communication between all corporate offices and  facilities has ensured a problem free workflow.
We stay with our clients from the first contact  throughout the whole process.

Our installers know exactly what to do as soon as they arrive at the building site. Our company is hands-on through the en-tire process.

Quality and Safety

To provide outstanding quality is the foundation of our work. We are focused on durable and low-maintenance solutions, beginning with design as well as during the selection of materials. Our workmanship is accompanied by continuous quality control. Our horse walkers are manufactured with high safety standards. All of our products hold a declaration of conformity according to EC equipment guidelines. Operation manuals that are professional and easy to understand accompany all our products. Our continuous product development, our knowledge as equine professionals as well as cooperation with our partners has resulted in specialty products designed for the equine industry.

We strive to keep things “moving” at your farm.

Turn-key Results

It is no problem for us to provide turn-key service.
If you wish, we can even help with your building per-mits. We have partners that have years of experience in this fi eld. We can also install the foundation concrete if needed. The bottom line is that we will adapt to your wishes!


Our horse walkers are available around the world. We have years of experience exporting and installing our horse walkers. The presence of our branch in the USA, Kraft Brothers, is a great benefi t for our customers. We have representatives available and ready to help you in many countries. Please visit our homepage for more information.


You can rely on our customer service. We are there for you even after the installation. Our service does not end when the guarantee expires. We take care of your customer service requests including parts orders as soon as possible. Many of our horse walkers benefi t from our regular maintenance program.