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Water Horse Walkers are used in places where rehabilitation, therapy and training are priorities. The healing properties of water have been utilized by veterinarians as well as in human medicine for hundreds of years. Water invigorates body and soul, heals, provides therapy and relaxes.
The KRAFT Water Horse Walker is a walking pool. Horses do not swim they walk through water and are in contact with the ground. Horses are free to move about which enables stress free exercise. They can find their own rhythm and freely choose their posture. Muscles are relaxed and stress-free.

At a glance

  • 4 - 7 horses
  • 8m x 16m / 10m x 20m (26' x 52' / 33' x 66')
  • Water Horse Walker
  • The muscle groups that are important for daily movement are trained in the treading pool
  • Uniform and calm movement has a relaxing and loosening effect
  • Stress and movement blockages are reduced and the healing process is stimulated
  • Increase in well-being
  • Stimulation of blood circulation
  • The cool water stimulates the metabolism
  • Massage effect by moving in the water
  • Supplementation and variety in the therapy and training plan
  • Water has a dampening effect when the horse step of his feed
  • Prevention of injuries
Application in therapy and rehabilitation

Aquatherapy is a very good option for rehabilitation after injuries and operations in the area of ​​the musculoskeletal system. It relieves and stabilizes chronic complaints.


  • Accelerate healing of back and joint problems
  • Strengthening of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints
  • Pain relief in chronic osteoarthritis patients
  • Swelling-relieving in e.g. knee ligament problems
  • Use of salt water (0.5 -1% vol.) promotes the healing of injuries and has a sterilizing effect
  • Effective treatment of leg and hoof injuries
  • Movement when the water level is high due to buoyancy has a relieving effect, especially in the case of post-fracture treatment and joint problems
  • Restoration of resilience
  • Gentle mobilization
Application in training

Effective and joint-gentle training is achieved through the buoyancy and resistance of the water. As with all fitness equipment, we recommend using the water horse walker with a sense of proportion and in consultation with your trusted veterinarian.


  • Increase in condition and general fitness
  • Strengthening of the cardiovascular system
  • Muscle building (relieves tendons, ligaments and joints)
  • complements the conventional training of sport horses
  • Improving coordination by stimulating different muscle groups in the water helps prevent injuries in everyday life.
  • Supplement and variety in everyday training
  • Regeneration during training breaks for performance horses
  • Back strengthening before breaking in young horses
K Gentle Filtration

No more horse droppings collection bags ("Nappies") required. A clever filter system that was developed in-house and, like a home sewage treatment plant, ensures the cleanliness of the water. A weak flow directs the coarse dirt with the suspended matter to an endless belt filter and removes it. The remaining dirty water is pumped into a plant basin and slowly seeps through the basin and is then returned to the water horse walker. A cycle like in nature.

Fleece filter system

The coarse dirt is collected via the horse droppings collection bag ("Nappies"). The water first runs through an edge filter via an overflow system, which is responsible for the coarser dirt particles. The water is then passed through a fleece filter and cleaned. The filter technology comes from pond construction.

What our customers say

Ronald Zabala–Goetschel
2012 Olympic rider and owner of Wiseguys’ Shangri-La

After a long search of which company to buy the horse walkers from, we chose Kraft because of the design and quality. We are very satisfied with the service as it ensures that our three horse walkers always work properly.

Herrmann Hackenesch
Hiltrup Horse Boarding Farm

There are many horse farms in our area and I wanted something special that would make my farm stand out. When I saw the Water Horse Walker at the Equitana, I knew that this was it.

Brendan & Jo Lindsay
Lindsay Racing, Karaka, New Zealand

We are extremely pleased with our Kraft Water Walker and it is in twice daily use as an integral part of our training regime. All of our horses use it from yearlings, horses being broken in, horses in pre-training, as well as full race training. It is invaluable to us as an aide for general conditioning and post race recovery, as well as for any horse requiring rehabilitation from muscular and tendon issues. In addition, the horses really seem to enjoy using it and are much happier to turn left towards the water walker rather than right for the regular walker and the treadmill!