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Rail-Gliding Horse Walker oval, rectangular, round

This horse walker is especially recommended for those who want to follow the natural walking behaviour of the horses as closely as possible when moving in the horse walker.
The design allows for a variation of curved as well as straight sections. Various studies about movement in an oval horse walker versus a round walkers, have proven that there are positive advantages to alternating straightaways and curves.
The Rail-Gliding Horse Walker enables limitless possibilities as to design and size. If you do not have the space for a round horse walker, then you have the option to design one that fits your space.
In order to improve stability, KRAFT chose to design this horse walker with two tracks (one on each side). This design guarantees smooth and low noise operation. It also allows one to choose from various hanging/rotating gate designs.

KRAFT is a pioneer when it comes to oval horse walkers.
The first Rail-Gliding Horse Walkers were developed by KRAFT. KRAFT has taken the lead in the development of oval horse walkers.


At a glance

  • 5 - 7 horses
  • 8m x 16m / 10m x 20m (26' x 52' / 33' x 66') -> Standard
  • Almost all sizes are possible
  • Rail-Gliding Horse Walker
  • No one-sided strain on joints
  • The combination of curves as well as straightaway sections mimics the natural movement of horses (the same applies to riding)
  • Tried and proven concept
  • Two tracks contribute to stability and smooth operation
  • Shape and size can be increased as needed
  • It can be constructed around other objects
  • Optimal use of available space
  • The horse walker can be covered completely allowing the centre area to be used as storage or for riding
  • Can be installed in existing buildings which saves concrete work as well as roofi ng installation
  • Easy operation
  • Sturdy construction
  • High safety standards
  • Low maintenance and noise levels
Special variants

What our customers say

Ernst Bachinger
Former manager of the Spanish Riding School

We looked at several horse walkers and ascertained that Kraft has the best ones. That is when I came to an agreement with Kraft. This was probably also due to his friendliness.”

Hans-Wilhelm und Gaby May
Löwelsberg Horse Farm, Bad Orb

Our horse walker was installed speedily thanks to the good advice from Mr. Kraft at our place. The decision to purchase from the Kraft Company was the right one to make. Even the horse owners that were skeptical at fi rst now love to use this horse walker.”

Gerd Sosath
Sosath Stallion Farm, Lemwerder

I decided to purchase an oval KRAFT Rail-Gliding Horse Walker. I believe that it is more advantageous and healthier for horses to be able to walk on straightaway sections as well. The horse walker is a huge labor saver for us, runs great and is in operation from morning until evening. The KRAFT system is well thought out. I can recommend this horse walker with a good conscience.

Vanessa Volkmann
Sainerhof, Ötzingen, RLP

They are men, who understand their trade and are ready to work.

Dirk Schaal
Schaal Riding Stables, Nürtingen, Baden-Württemberg

The economic aspect was very important to me because I am the owner of a horse boarding farm. This is one reason we chose a rubber floor as well as the retractable hanging/rotating gates. We use a sweep machine to clean the walker and our horses enjoy an optimal walking surface. A real economic improvement.