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We are a company that specializes in the design, manufacture and assembly of horse walkers and horse treadmills. We are a mid-size company that operates globally with headquarters in Germany and a subsidiary in the USA. Our business operates internationally and has partners all over the world.

We offer our customers high quality products Made in Germany and are a registered commercial operation.

Logistics and production are handled at our headquarters in Frankenhardt, Germany.

As an employer, we are always interested in employees who share our enthusiasm for metal construction as well as horses.
Every order is different and needs special attention. Custom-made along with standardized solutions are a regular part of our order processing.

Creativity and continuity are an essential part of our everyday work. We strive to improve and further develop our products to stay at the top of the market.
Our goal is to be one step ahead in horse exercise equipment technology.

Become part of our team

We offer many different opportunities for a career, from fabrication, production and installation, to shipping logistics, inventory management, and machine service. Sales and administration oversee customer service and company support.

All of us work together to promote our motto of “Kraft … keeps your horses fit!” around the world.
Could you fit in a future Kraft team?