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Ceiling-Mounted Horse Walker


The standard design of a KRAFT Ceiling-Mounted Horse Walker with lunging ring is a 12-sided steel structure. The fence is a round 24-sided design. This horse walker makes good use of space in that the interior area can be used for various training purposes.
The complete roof allows to use it year-round, no matter how bad the weather gets. It is available for all types of structural snow loads.
This is the ideal horse walker for farms with high standards as well as those who want to combine a horse walker with a covered lunging ring.

At a glance

  • 4 - 15 horses
  • 15m - 32m (49'-105')
  • Ceiling-Mounted Horse Walker
  • Good use of space
  • Open inner area
  • Horse walker and lunging ring under one roof
  • Available during inclement weather
  • Footing materials remain dry
  • Easy operation
  • Sturdy construction
  • High safety standards
  • Low maintenance and noise levels

What our customers say

Jürgen und Thomas Casper
Birkhof Stud Farm, Donzdorf

We met through horses and breeding and since then we also have a Kraft Horse Walker and are very happy with it. It has been optimally serviced by Uwe and his whole team.

Karl-Werner Schneider
Agriculturist, Erftstadt

I chose the combination of horse walker and lunging ring under one roof because this is what fi t perfectly. I focused most on safety and reliability in choosing a design. I can confi rm 100% the well-known good reputation of the Kraft Company in reference to quality and long term value. I would recommend them to anyone!