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Ground-Standing Horse Walker with partial roof


The main frame is identical to our Ground-Standing Horse Walker with partial roof. The ECO model’s fencing is secured by anchor nails, the roof covering is a high grade tarpaulin fabric. The fences are made of standard steel pipes. The outer fence can be covered with tarpaulin fabric or a wind screen as an option.
Ideal for farms that do not yet have a permanent place for a horse walker or for clients that prefer a well-ventilated design. This model is portable.


At a glance

  • 4 or 6 horses
  • 15m or 18m (50' or 59')
  • Ground-Standing Horse Walker
  • Requires no foundations
  • Short delivery times
  • Quick installation
  • Portable
  • 80 cm (2.5′) anchor nails
  • Standard design is suitable for all weather
  • Easy operation
  • Sturdy construction
  • High safety standards
  • Low maintenance and noise levels
  • Complete kits
  • Do-it-yourself option
  • Centre concrete slab on site

What our customers say

Georg Ederle
Breeder and Trainer

A functional, practical and safe horse walker was absolutely necessary during the building of my new riding facility. I chose the ECO model because of the well-thought-out technology and quality. This horse walker is unrivaled due to the fact that it can be moved as I expanded my operation.”

Maike Harbers-Bahr
Seeverns Farm, Butjadingen

It had to be a simple and yet strong high quality horse walker. Therefore I chose the Kraft ECO Horse Walker.