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Ring-Gliding Horse Walker with partial or complete roof


In the hoof-covered or free-standing version, the wheel construction is attached to the supports of the inner fence. With complete roofing the structure can be suspended from the roof.
The horse walker is powered via the ring system on which the dividers are hung. The double ring ensures stability and smooth running.
Ideal for companies that want to use a round system with a completely free interior space. A cheaper alternative to the KRAFT slide rail horse walker, round.

At a glance

  • 4 - 15 horses
  • 12m - 32m (40' - 105')
  • Ring-Gliding Horse Walker
General Advantages
  • Space saving
  • Open inner area
  • Can be used during all types of weather
  • Easy operation
  • Sturdy construction
  • High safety standards
  • Low maintenance and noise
Advantages with partial roof
  • Walking surface remains dry
  • Protects horses from weather
  • Inner area is open and can be used as a lunging ring or for storage
Advantages with complete roof
  • Covered lunging ring and horse walker all in one
  • Entire area and walking surface remain dry

What our customers say

Alexander und Heidi Borst
Breeders, Jagstzell

One of the criteria in deciding on what horse walker to install was the limited space on our farm. The other was that we definitely did not want to give up the inner area, which can be used for training and breaking in young horses. Ring-Gliding Horse Walker from KRAFT was exactly what we needed.

Melanie Becks
Owner of top sire and world champion Damon Hill

The Ring-Gliding Horse Walker has no overhead motors in or above the walking surface and provides free space in the lunging area. It is exactly the right thing for our stallions and sport horses. For us, it is an important addition to daily training and truly worth its weight in GOLD.